Zebrawood Magnetic Dice Tray - Nomads Armory

Zebrawood Magnetic Dice Tray - Nomads Armory

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Crafted from solid Zebrawood, this Dice Tray allows for the rolling of any dice type without worry. Carefully selected leather is used to create a rolling surface with only minimal bounce while still cushioning dice and creating the pleasant rolling sound we all love to hear.

When done, the tray comes apart and reconnects at the top magnets to form a box that allows you to store your dice tower and dice box inside. The included wooden lid with the tray also houses up to 14 additional d6 dice, or a pen/pencil and/or dry erase marker.

The stainless steel plate that covers these areas is magnetic and can be used with dry erase markers and attached anywhere you can find a magnet within our system.



  • Solid wood
  • Genuine leather rolling surface
  • Rare earth magnets
  • Stainless steel, magnetic dry erase plate
  • Eco friendly finish (no toxic fumes!)
  • Comes apart to form a storage box making for easy transport
  • Comes with wooden lid for storage of additional accessories