Magnetic Dice Tower - Padauk

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6.625" x 2.75" x 2.25"
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Master Monk crafted this dice tower from Walnut to break down and magnet to itself, as well as utilizing magnets for setup. Featuring 3 rolling ramps set in at different angles to ensure your dice not only tumble, but land squarly near the center of the tray without being thrown off to one side or corner. The thickness of the ramps was carefully considered to ensure a pleasnt, melodic sound when the dice hit the wood and roll onto our leather rolling surface. It's the little things, and we make sure that every aspect was taken into consideration.

Lastly, the dice tower can hook to the side of virtually any dice tray to free up space on the table. It also works entirely outside of many dice trays, with a back wall that raises up to allow for fistfulls of dice to be rolled with the help of an aided backboard. It's also dreadfully fun to toss dice into the tower like a basketball hoop with the back panel up like a backboard. 

This is part of our Nomad's Lineup, and fits inside our Nomad's Dice Tray along with 1 other full size accessory (like our dice boxes), or 2 half size accessories (like our oracle dice boxes).

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