Custom Catan Boards

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Our custom game boards for the game Catan® are hand crafted from solid ash hardwood in the USA from a small team of dedicated artisans. We pride ourselves in quality that will last a lifetime and strive to bring not just quality gaming accessories to your next game night, with artistic design you can't find anywhere else.


  • Raised, easy to remove pips.
  • Inset pips (they won't move if bumped!)
  • Felt bottoms for easy to slide, scratch free play on any surface
  • Spill resistant finish for when game night gets a bit wild.
  • 100% Non Toxic, Eco friendly finish and dyes!
  • Solid wood, no cheap plywood/mdf that gets ruined with spills, or damaged over time.

2-4 Player Includes:

  • 6 Edge Pieces
  • 4 Brick Hexagons
  • 4 Ore Hexagons
  • 4 Sheep Hexagons
  • 4 Wheat Hexagons
  • 4 Wood Hexagons
  • 1 Desert Hexagon
  • 1 Robber
  • 20 Number Pips
  • 8 Harbor Trade Pips
  • 1 Black, Rigid Setup Thinking Monk Studios (our parent company) Box.

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This game board is in no way associated with Settlers of Catan, Catan®, it's partners, nor is it a full game. This is an accessory that requires purchasing an original game to play. We do no include nor sell anything that is protected by copyright or trademark laws.

We created and own the rights to all our artwork. Any unauthorized selling of our artwork is illegal.

Our game boards are built to last a lifetime. That said, sometimes life happen. If a board arrives in poor condition, please reach out and we'll replace the board or refund. If a piece breaks or receives some sort of damage with standard use, reach out and we'll replace the broken parts. As with any wood product, do not store in a damp place as this will ruin wood over time. The floor of a closet is a perfect example of where not to store wooden products.